Fitness & Gyms in Sofia

Sofia has a lot of great fitness centers where you can have your daily workout, so you don’t slow down your progress. You can hire personal trainers and pay for a diet if you wish to boost your efficiency.

Pulse Fitness & Spa

Pulse Fitness & Spa in Sofia

Pulse Fitness & Spa is a latest generation, lifestyle fitness club with no equal in the country, equipped with the latest generation of the world's best proven brands, with a flawless base and a huge team of qualified personal and group coaches who constantly follow and apply innovation and global trends.
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Athletic Fitness

Athletic Fitness Sofia

At Athletic Fitness you do not need to be a fitness expert to achieve the desired results. If you want to be healthy, strong, in shape our training will help you in every step. And with their years of knowledge and experience you will certainly get the most appropriate and professional advice.
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West Gym

West Gym Sofia

WEST GYM fitness center has more than seven years of experience behind its back, but we continue to work hard on improving and innovating, so you, our clients can receive the best fitness experiences you deserve in a friendly and comfortable environment.
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