Varna a gem in the Bulgarian Black Sea

Varna is a beautiful and modern city along the Bulgarian North Black Sea Coast.

Because of its economic and cultural significance, it is often described as the most important regional center and as the Sea and Summer capital of Bulgaria.

The city of Varna has a well-developed tourism industry, with moderns hotels and service sector, but not all is economics and today we will show you some of the reasons that make varna a special city.

Varna expats restaurant

Recreational and Entertainment Zone at the Port of Varna

In 2016 a new “Recreational and Entertainment Zone at the Port of Varna” with an area of 2.7 he was set apart. In a partnership between the Municipality of Varna and the Port of Varna this area has been socialized and has been turned into an attractive pedestrian alley with free access for all the residents and visitors of the city.

this area have been continually developed over the years, and now you can enjoy restaurants, bars, and even an amusement park.

In the past significant cultural and sports events occur during the whole year, but also lot of fun in the city, specially during the summer, such as the Day of Varna (August 15th), the international “Tall Ships” Regatta, “FUNCITY+” etc. had been organized there.

Thus the first impression for the tourists coming to Varna by sea is of an attractive zone with benches, flowers, palm trees, and cozy cafes. There is a car park allocated in the area which facilitates the cruise operators and the visitors.

Varna city

The sea garden, the place to see and be seen!

The sea garden is an emblem of Varna town. It is situated on 850 decares along the seaside line. There is a sun-dial representing a flying swan at the entrance of the sea garden. The region has been used for recreation and walks from the 60s of the 19 th century, but it was only at the beginning of the 20 th that the park was reconstructed after the Conceptual Topical Project of Anton Ian Novak. At that time a project was proposed to place the busts of outstanding renaissance figures in some of its valleys.
Nowadays the Marine Gardens form an imposing park where you can visit the Natural Science Museum, the Naval Museum, the Copernicus Astronomy Complex planetarium, the first in the country, the zoo and the Terrarium. Here one can find the only Dolphinarium and Aquarium in the country.
There are also a swimming pool, tennis court, an open-air theater and a new children s complex (opened on 1 May 2002) with a lot of amusements: water wheels, slide, archery, trampoline.
Along the alley, which runs parallel to the coastline, there are a number of small cafes and restaurants, offering seafood specialties as well as attractive discos.

Living it Varna will be an adventure, doesn’t matter what kind of person you are and what you want out of life.

Well developed Higher learning institutions

Varna university

Many universities are located in Varna, which gives to the town a young and cosmopolitan atmosphere, many of these students later decide to make Varna their place for professional development. Globally recognized diplomas in the fields of Economics, Administration and Management, Tourism, Manufacturing Engineering Faculty,  Informatics, and Computer Sciences.  some programs taught in English and in Russian. And after they finish the university many of the international students decide to continue to develop their careers in Varna 
Healthcare sector is well covered with regional and local hospitals even the Medical University has one of the most modern hospitals in Bulgaria, also practicing of recreational activities is very well developed in the city, professional football team, and a beautiful Palace of the sports and Culture had the mission of hold cultural and sports activities.

The city is referred to as the maritime capital of Bulgaria and headquarters the Bulgarian Navy and merchant marine. In 2008, Varna was designated seat of the Black Sea Euroregion by the Council of Europe. In 2014, Varna was awarded the title of European Youth Capital 2017.

The oldest gold jewelry in the world, belonging to the Varna culture, was discovered in the Varna Necropolis and dates to 4200–4600 BC.

Varna airport

Varna has a very modern airport to cover tourist and local transport needs.

The airport is located 10 kilometers from the center of Varna near the town of Aksakovo. The airport serves Varna, Golden Sands, and northeastern Bulgaria. There are domestic and international flights to about 116 destinations in 40 countries by more than 53 Bulgarian and foreign airlines. The busiest season for the airport is at the end of May to the beginning of October and  transports a total of almost 2.000.000 passengers during 2017

The region of Varna (including Golden Sands and St. St. Constantine and Helena Resorts) well-known with its pure and tiny sands and the hot mineral springs. The resort Golden Sands is known as “The pearl of the Bulgarian Black Seaside”. The summer begins in early May and lasts until early October. Temperatures in summer usually vary between 25 C and 35 degrees C. The hottest months are usually July and August, with a temperature around 30 – 35°C, so it’s the perfect climate to go to the beach and enjoy the sun. Seawater temperature during the summer months is usually around 23–27 degrees C. making it perfect to enjoy the beaches.

Varna Cathedral

Cultural life and festivals all year long!

Varna has become a very cosmopolitan city, so you can constantly find artistic and cultural exhibitions throughout the city. There are many art galleries and museums. Varna boasts with countless cultural events, involving folklore, music, ballet, opera and theater, movies and animated pictures presentations, exhibitions in the open air and plenty of art galleries.

People in Varna is taking the problems and challenges of the city in their own hands, and trying to make this beautiful town on the Black Sea Coast a better place to live for locals and visitors, we can say now, that is a trend from the last few years were people with similar interest start to organize themselves and try to move this city forward and develop human capital for the region.

Another interesting example is “Rapana” the street Library at the entrance of the Varna Sea Garden, and the project won the Audience Award in the “Building of the Year” category at the WhATA Awards, architectural competition in 2017.

rapana varna free library

Access to the library, which resembles the shape of a sea snail, is completely free, everyone can stop and honor one of the books stacked on the shelves.

There is a group of enthusiasts looking for creative solutions to make Varna a better place, many activities and events are been done all the time, and many of them are for free or at very discounted prices, and this includes activities not only for young or adults but also for kids.

In these activities for kids, we could mention a very unique one: Coder Dojo, where kids from ages 5 to 11 learn the basics about programming, free lessons are provided and kids only need to bring their laptop and curiosity.

coder dojo varna

One of the places that agglutinate people with interest in technology is VarnaLab (Varna hackerspace) that just celebrate their 9th anniversary.

Is a well know place for their continued effort in spreading the knowledge in a decentralized and 21st-century way, some of their projects as LoraWAN, were they develop new technology, collaborating with other cities in Bulgaria and in Europe, to solve important city challenges, and the plan is put this technology to the benefit of everybody.

They also do interesting thematic conferences including “Cloud Conf Varna” were participants from all over Bulgaria discuss technology topics.

Lately another actor appear in the city, with new energy and enthusiasm, Innovator,  part of the global maker movement and aim to form a constructive, modern environment that will stimulate the entrepreneurial and creative thinking.

and many more interesting activities during the whole year, those are a few reasons why Varna is a great place to live.

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