The Story of a Mexican living in Plovdiv, Bulgaria!

Today we have the pleasure to share with all of you the interesting story of our friend Carlos, that move to Bulgaria, just before the quarantine starts last year.

Name and nationality:

Carlos Gurgel, I´m from Mexico.

Tell us a bit about you and what you do:

I´m 37, I´ll get 38 years in November … … I´ve been Married with a beautiful Mexican girl for 7 years… Also I´m taco´s lover.
Now, I work online from home, into pest control company…

Why and when did you come to Bulgaria?

Why Bulgaria… Well because my wife received a good opportunity to develop her career and plus I have pretty flexible work from home, we had never been in Europe… so that was the perfect storm to choose Bulgaria

What do you like about your country of origin?

Chilli, corn tortillas and whole tasty food and the most important think… our family and friends.

What are some differences between your country and Bulgaria?

First one I have to say the food… here is so good but in Mexico it´s amazing.
Next one, could be weather… Here is mostly extreme like winter. For example, usually during Christmas holidays the thermometers marks 10 degrees, but here is low zero.
The third to be the way to treat unknow people, as a Mexican, part of the Latin culture is to get too close to people regardless of whether we know them or not.
Kissing on the cheek when greeting would be a great example…

What do you like about Bulgaria?

life is peaceful and chill, country is well connected and the distances are short, and pink tomatoes are best vegetables that I had been eat in all my life…

What was the most difficult bureaucratic procedure you have undergone so far in Bulgaria?

Obtaining the D visa, was the most complex procedure I had to do so far…

Mention one important experience you’ve had in Bulgaria :

My first time to try with Tarator, how to say it… I thought how they could eat yogurt with cucumbers inside… how? Why? Disgusting!!
But finally someday I tried and wow!! I felt amazed with it flavor.
Now, We have discovered a pink tarator, it´s mixed with beets and it´s delicious.

If you have the chance to change something in Bulgaria, what it will be?

Definitely I would change the way costumer service is understood. I would start to improve the ways of working for people from recruiting. As well I know this is a polemic topic, but I just said a one part of whole solutions.

What languages do you speak other than your mother tongue (do you speak Bulgarian language)?

I speak English, and malko bulgarsky.

What countries have you been to?

What do you mean, living? In 2018 a period of six month in Jinshan, China, that is a province of Shangai…
How is your business going (in case you have a company or business that you would like to talk about?
It is not a business as such… but We have a podcast that we do with a Mexican lady. Shopska a la Mexicana is the name. We talk each other’s about cultural differences and different mindset between Bulgarians and Mexicans, also join others Spanish talkers to chat with us about their experiences living here.

What advice would you give to other people who would like to come to live in Bulgaria?

Before to come to Bulgaria is Open your mind always to different ways to be, to think and to do and the most important is, the way to say Yes and No.

We want to thanks to Carlos for taking the time to speak with Foreigner BG.

Good luck!

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